Landhaus Delle Your refuge for individualists – private hotel – personally run
A tiny hotel up on the slopes of the Rhine river nearby Bacharach, in the Loreley Valley, in the heart of the
romantic Rhine Valley "Unesco World Heritage"

Open from Easter to October – Tuesday to Sunday or by arrangement

Bacharach, Rhine River, Castles, Loreley, Walking, Wine walking, Wine tastings

Wine tastings:
Minimum of 6
people in our house, Riesling tastings, red wine tastings,
regional tastings, different countries tastings.
Prices depend on the choice of wines.
More than 8 people could take place at a winemaker`s accorded with some snacks.

Castle visits
, tours by boat and train, taxi

Rheinrieslingweg 200 m from our hotel
Rhein-Burgen-Weg 500 m from our hotel

for groups from
6 to 22 people. We can make a proposition.

Der RheinThe Rhine
Where the Rhine valley reveals all its charme.
Where scenic countryside and atmosphere of a well-looked house make a unity in a stylish symbiosis.
Where you will find peace and quiet, relaxation and leisure in exclusive company.
It is in the Delle Country House where you feel at home.
200 m above the river, 300 m above sea level.
Marvellous view to a beautyful nature.

Landhaus Delle
Dr. Heinz-Dieter Tinnefeld
Gutenfelsstraße 16
D-55422 Bacharach-Henschhausen
+49  (0)67 43 - 17 65
Fax : +49  (0)67 43 - 10 11

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Bacharach, Rhine river, castles, Loreley, wine walking, wine tastings

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