Landhaus Delle Your refuge for individualists – private hotel – personally run
A tiny hotel up on the slopes of the Rhine river nearby Bacharach, in the Loreley Valley, in the heart of the
romantic Rhine Valley "Unesco World Heritage"

Open from Easter to October – Tuesday to Sunday or by arrangement

Menu Menus

Choice of menus for gourmets

Hotel Landhaus Delle, Bacharach-Henschhausen

I.     King prawns and zucchini
      Sheatfish and lentils in balsamico
      Anglerfish in Serrano ham
      Scallpos in fennel sauce

II.    Roasted quails on mixed salad
      Mixed salads with 3 different fishes and
      garlic sauce
      Grilled heart of calf and vegetables

III.   Pheasant, patridge, wood pigeon
      Trout of the nearby Wispertal
      Breast of duck (Bresse)
      Grilled saddle of lamb
      T-bone steak (Charolux)
      Ossobuco (Charolux)
      Leg of lamb out of the stone oven
      Game from the Hunsrueck area

IV. Choice of cheese
      Gorgonzola passato
      Warm goat cheese in ham
      Baked cheese from Switzerland
      Gorgonzola in Polenta cream

V.  Some sweet surprises according to the

On special request:
1) Homemade goose liver + 15 EUR
2) Duo of sole filets and Basmati rice + 10 EUR
3) 1/2 of lobster with salad or vegetable + 15 EUR
4) Truffled surrey fowl of Bresse + 15 EUR
5) Tournedos à la Rossini + 10 EUR
5 courses       I + II + III + IV + V 105 EUR
3 courses       I       + III         + V 75 EUR

Each menu has its own wine.
The restaurant is strictly a no smoking area.
All animals have to keep outside.

Landhaus Delle
Dr. Heinz-Dieter Tinnefeld
Gutenfelsstraße 16
D-55422 Bacharach-Henschhausen
+49  (0)67 43 - 17 65
Fax : +49  (0)67 43 - 10 11

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