Landhaus Delle Your refuge for individualists – private hotel – personally run
A tiny hotel up on the slopes of the Rhine river nearby Bacharach, in the Loreley Valley, in the heart of the
romantic Rhine Valley "Unesco World Heritage"

Open from Easter to October – Tuesday to Sunday or by arrangement

Restaurant, Dinner, Banquet, Candlelight Dinner

Restaurant, Landhaus Delle

Enjoy the luxury to dine in a tiny circle and elegant ambience.
7:30 p.m. dinner (table d'hôte) by reservation.
Far away from all hectic daily life, you can relax and celebrate with us a delicious wine dinner.
European cuisine with fresh produces of the season and region.

Some specialties are made in the stone oven:
Roasted leg of lamb, leg of veal, poulet de Bresse, game of the nearby Hunsrueck and poultry: quail, patridge, pheasant.

3-course dinner
3-course dinner, wine incl.
60,00 EUR
75,00 EUR
5-course dinner
5-course dinner, wine incl.
85,00 EUR
110,00 EUR

Restaurant "Lukullus"  Hotel Landhaus Delle, Bacharach-Henschhausen

Candlelight dinner for 8 to 10 people
In the wine bar at the blazing fire in the chimney room, a 7-course dinner will be served, accompanied by selected wines, coffee, digestif.
Price per person 150 €.
All prices include service and VAT.
Arrangements for up to 25 people possible.


Landhaus Delle
Dr. Heinz-Dieter Tinnefeld
Gutenfelsstraße 16
D-55422 Bacharach-Henschhausen
+49  (0)67 43 - 17 65
Fax : +49  (0)67 43 - 10 11

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